Bearing the Standard Discussion Guide

This companion discussion guide has been prepared to help you thoroughly discuss the essential topics of Bearing the Standard with your brothers and sisters in the Messiah. Please complete the form to download the file. Updated May 27, 2016.

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    The Scriptures Are God

    The Scriptures are God’s Perfect Word: The Foundation of Bearing the Standard

    The message of Bearing the Standard rests on the belief that the Scriptures are the written revelation of God's Perfect Word. The Scriptures—in their original autographs and languages, and in every substantial respect of subsequent copies—are absolutely true, totally reliable, completely objective, and solely authoritative for all faith and practice for the follower of Yeshua ( Jesus). This paper is a brief defense of such a fundamental belief.

    Cutting Straight

    Cutting Straight: Seven Simple Rules for Understanding and Interpreting Scripture

    Reading and understanding the Scriptures can often be a challenge. Here are seven simple rules for correctly interpreting the meaning of Scripture.

    Promotional Downloads


    Promotional Flier for Bookstore Book Buyer

    Visit your locally-owned Christian bookstore or Church/Congregation bookstore, and present the person responsible for book purchasing (the “Book Buyer”) with a copy of Bearing the Standard, accompanied by this flier. The flier includes all the information they need about how to order the book through their normal distribution channels, as well as directly from Perfect Word. Be prepared to explain why you think the store’s clientele would benefit from having Bearing the Standard on their shelves.


    Introduction Letter to Ministry Leaders

    When you give copies of Bearing the Standard away to leaders in any level of ministry, please print out and include a copy of this letter written by Kevin Geoffrey. The letter introduces Kevin, and explains why he wrote Bearing the Standard in terms that a leader in ministry can relate to. You may also want to include a brief, personal letter, explaining how the message of Bearing the Standard has impacted you.