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On November 13, 2013, I gave a presentation to 200 leaders in Jewish ministry at the annual Jewish Voice Messianic Leadership Roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona. Below is an audio recording of the 47-minute presentation, Bearing the Standard of Scripture, in its entirety.

Listen: Bearing the Standard of Scripture

Here is a direct link to the MP3 file.

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2 Responses to Live Presentation of Bearing the Standard

  1. Was this not delivered with a brilliant balance between passion and intellect? Kevin, you shine as a illuminating example of what the perfect word of scripture looks and sounds like in a believer’s life.
    But I keep having these nagging feelings, these haunting questions. Scripture states clearly enough that the only sound reason for divorce is unfaithfulness. But what about those women and children whose very lives are at stake due to a physically violent husband? Is this not grounds for divorce? Or if not divorce, permanent separation- which turns out to be so very similar that it’s questionable as well. And if so, how do we reconcile this with scripture?
    Secondly, when stats are given for divorce, do we take into consideration the greencard marriages for hire that were never intended to last? Just some questions I would not be prepared to answer if some one were to ask me.
    Finally, there is the problem of interpreting scripture. When it comes to the commandments, the do’s and don’t’s are pretty clear. It’s the other stuff that folks often don’t agree on. You can find many differences in viewpoint because the Word is multi-faceted. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anothers view is wrong, but simply additional to the way you view it. Speaking in tongues, for example, is one of those issues.

    I love your book, Kevin. Love and adore the message.

    • Thank you, Aggie!!

      Very briefly on divorce — I may have touched on this in the presentation, but in the hypothetical (although far-too-common) scenario you put forth, legal separation would be warranted. What would not be permitted would be a situation leading to remarriage, unless there was sexual unfaithfulness.

      For marriages for hire — if the marriage is consummated, they’re married. If they just have a ceremony and legal proceedings, they’re not married in God’s eyes.

      As for “the other stuff that folks often don’t agree on,” like speaking in tongues, I am confident that if we (1) covenant with one another to bear the standard of Scripture, no matter the cost to ourselves, (2) set aside what we’ve been taught (tradition), our emotions (expediency), and what we think must be true (rationalism), and (3) sit down with the Scriptures and work through them together (and it may be hard work, indeed!), we will always find the truth.


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